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Welcome to Salmon Creek Sportsmen's Club
Quarterly Newsletter via our Website
Enjoy every day, from the Guys and Gals at Salmon Creek
President: Bill Hall
V.P.: Chad Landon
Secretary: Kent Gallego
Treasurer: Pam Landon
Shooting Action
Kitchen Open: As Noted in a previous E-Mail the Club Kitchen has Re-Opened with the HELP of Volunteer Cooks, who have agreed to give it a run at the operation of the Kitchen for Breakfast & possible Dogs & Burgers for the Sunday Shoots, as well as League Shoots. So if you Happen by the Club on a Sunday, have a Hearty Breakfast.
    Elec. Trap Purchase, contact had been made with Shyda’s Services as to the purchase of some Lincoln Traps, 2 machines were located, a Lincoln A92002 Midi & an AS2002 Sporter. These were both put on hold so as to get approval from Club Membership for the purchase. Prior to the Club meeting, Jon VanNest acquired additional moneys of $4,200.00 from Members & Area Business Friends of Salmon Creek. This money allowed the Club to purchase a 3 rd trap, a Lincoln AR2002 Rabbit/Chandelle Trap. Money was also available for the purchase of 3 Trap carts, 3 Magazine Covers.
    NEW PISTOL STAND IN 2011: A new pistol shooting stand was built in 2011 by Bob Catalfano and Denny DeCoudres. Many have already given it a try. Bob and Denny are already planning for the pistol stand to have a roof. You might see the posts and roof rafters by the stand, just waiting for a hint of warmer weather.















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