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Disciplines at Salmon Creek
Five Stands
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Lighted Trap and Skeet
Tournament: Benefits Shoots

Trap, Skeet & Five Stand During winter months, shoot under the lights, Lit with 8 floods.

Sporting Clays course with a 50 bird menu, 20 plus stations, many with multiple stands which simulate hunting in the natural surroundings of Hills, Gullies and Fields
The Club provides the Beginner to the Pro a full spectrum of Regular, Midi, Mini, Battue and Rabbit targets that really add up to some great shooting fun with incommers, tough crossing targets, high overhead flyers and jumping Rabbits. A 40 Tower for some High overhead or Crossing Targets.
We try to make weekly changes to both our Sporting Clays and Five (5) Stand courses.
The Five (5) Stand or Wobble Trap makes a perfect spot for a quick Warm-up prior to going out to the Sporting Clays course.

Check the Club Events Calendarfor any scheduled Shoot Dates, Travel Leagues or Gun Safety Program.

Trap Field
1 Five Stand:
Which is set-up with 9 different traps and offers a wide variety of targets, Incommers, Crossers, Teal, Chandelles and Rabbits.

2 Regulation Trap Fields, which include:
1 Trap Field with a Super Star Trap which can be set for Doubles or Wobble
1 Trap Field incorporated within the Five Stand (with Lights)

1 Regulation Skeet Field
incorporated within the Five Stand (with Lights)

Rifle/Shotgun and Pistol:
125 yard range for sighting rifles and shotguns is incorporated into an area of our trap field.
A bench rest is setup for members use and is used primarily as a sight-in area for their guns.
The pistol range is set off to the side and offers up to a 50 yard target area.
A covered shooting area is planned, but has yet to be completed

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